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Welcome at Mobycross,

Morocco’s number 1 supplier of high quality motorcycles and lubricants.
If you are considering purchasing a new motorcycle or lubricants, you are at the right place.
Mobycross is build on 2 uncompromisable core values:
•    Quality and Innovation
•    Service and Customer Satisfaction

Mobycross have a high reputation to keep when it comes to quality, innovation and good service. That’s why Mobycross is the fastest growing company in the motorcycle and lubricants market in Morocco. Demand by customers Satisfaction made Mobycross what  it is today.

Mobycross is number 1 in the market with quality.

All our motorcycle brands FICE©, TZX©, GITAN© and GABELLI© are exclusively manufactured for Mobycross.
Each component used in our models is selected by Mobycross for it’s quality properties.
We use Quality Control Protocols with our suppliers to maintain constant quality for all our models.
FICE©, TZX©, GITAN© and GABELLI© have the market proven to be the most reliable motorcycles.
Passion for motorcycles is driving us to do every day our best, to make the good even better.
All our models are certified with European Quality Standards and are homologated by the Moroccan Ministry of Equipement, Transport and Logistics.

Mobycross is number 1 in the market with large choice of models.

We offer currently 10 different motorcycle models of our exclusive brandsFICE©, TZX©, GITAN© and GABELLI© .
FICE R50, FICE S50, TZX Hummer 01, TZX Scorpion, GITAN B50, GITAN C50, GITAN Super C50, GABELLI Grido, GABELLI Verona, GABELLI Vettore. No competitor offers you this amount of choice.

Mobycross has the best Price / Quality ratio in the market.

If you compare the products of Mobycross to the products of any other company, you will conclude that our products will give you the most quality for your budget. This means that you get much quality for a fair price.

Mobycross has the highest Customer Satisfaction rate.

Customer Satisfaction is most essential to Mobycross and highly appreciated.
We really want our customers to enjoy our products and that mobility adds a positive value to their lives.
We developed all our high quality motorcycles to be reliable so that customers can enjoy their motorcycle at all time.
We daily get informed by resellers and customers about their experiences and feedback.
It is always a great pleasure to receive compliments from happy customers.
Find out for yourself about our Customer Satisfaction, have a talk with people who drive our motorcycles.

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N° 98, Boulevard Chefchaouni,  Km 11.500,  Ain Sbaa,  Casablanca,  Morocco

Tel: 00 212 5 22 60 33 25

Mobile: 00 212 6 62 18 84 81

Fax: 00 212 5 22 63 87 66