Scooter Gabelli Vettore

Discover Scooter Gabelli Vettore. Featuring a 3-valve, water-cooled, 4-stroke mono-cylinder engine, Vettore is really resilient compared to ordinary scooters.

Gabelli Vettore

The bare handlebars of the Gabelli Vettore allow it to maintain undeniable maneuverability for an unmatched carrying capacity. Equipped with a 100% digital dashboard, a state-of-the-art rollover switch that interrupts the ignition of the engine in the event of a crash, front and rear disc brakes as well as gas dampers, Vettore undoubtedly cares about your comfort and safety.The Gabelli Vettore is a ruggedized scooter that is perfectly suitable for use as a low noise delivery scooter. It is fast and and powerful in city and offroad areas. Enjoy a minimalist design, a digital dashboard and various details for optimal comfort and manoeuvrability.

Oils for Gabelli Vettore

Give your scooter the best possible maintenance with engine lubricants that are tailored for Gabelli scooters. Putoline Oils engine lubricants take special care of scooter engines like the Gabelli Vettore. Choose from: Ester Tech 10W40, Ester Tech 15W50, Formula V-TWIN 20W50, TM Sport 4 10W40, TM Sport 4 15W50, Super DX4 10W40, Super DX4 20W50, S4 10W40, SX 4T + 5000 20W50 or Special Scooter Gear 75W90.

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More about scooter Gabelli Vettore

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Bore x stroke38 mm x 43,5 mm
Displacement49 cm3
Power Max2.8 Kw at 6500 RPM
Starting systemElectric, Kick start
Tank capacity6,8 l
Length / Width / height1890 mm / 714 mm / 1045 mm
Wheelbase1365 mm
Unloaded weight104 Kg
Pneumatic front / rear 120/70-12 / 120/70-12
Front / Rear brakeDisk / Disk



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