Moto Fice

Looking for a motorcycle that will give you fun and playful driving? Check out the range of our brand Moto Fice. Whether you drive in a city or offroad, Moto Fice has two types of motorcycles that will bring you anywhere at any time.

Fice S50

The Fice S50 is a unique Cub and suitable for many drivers. This motorcycle feels at home in the city and gives you a pleasant and economical driving experience. It will take you everywhere with low costs. This motorcycle can be used as a practical form of transportation on a daily basis, even for package deliveries. The Fice S50 has a sporty design, with beautiful lines and comes in multiple colors. Enjoy an efficient and safe braking system. Thanks to a manual controllable rear disc brake it is no longer necessary to permanently drive with one foot above the brakes. These brakes give this motorcycles safety and stability in all circumstances.

Fice R50

The Fice R50 is a low fuel consumption and environmentally friendly motorcycle with a sporty design. It is a redesign on basis of the Fice S50. Enjoy a stronger and more vigorous engine sound, a sporty exhaust muffler and a digital dashboard displaying the tank gauge, a trip meter, partial trips and an engaged gear indicator. The brakes of this motorcycle are the same as in the Fice S50. The R50 has front disc brakes and a rear disc brake with hand control. If you like Marrakech, then you will love the R50. This motorcycle comes with an excellent price/ performance ratio.


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