Scooter Gabelli

Are you looking for a scooter that will give you pleasant and playful driving? Check out the range of our brand Scooter Gabelli. Whether you drive in a city, offroad or for delivery services, Scooter Gabelli has three types of scooters that will bring you anywhere at any time.

Gabelli Verona

The scooter Gabelli Verona is suitable for many drivers. This scooter feels at home in the city and gives you a pleasant driving experience. Even smaller sized drivers can hop on and drive off. The Gabelli Verona looks elegant and modern, with sleek lines and trendy colors. The LED optics and a low consumption two stroke engine are just two things that make this scooter reliable, resilient, and a lot of fun to drive. Maintain your scooter with engine oils from Putoline.

Gabelli Vettore

The Gabelli Vettore is a ruggedized scooter that is perfectly suitable for use as a low noise delivery scooter. The 4 stroke mono cylinder engine makes it fast and and powerful in city and offroad areas. Enjoy a minimalist design, a digital dashboard and various details for optimal comfort, safety and manoeuvrability.

Gabelli Grido

Explore your city with the urban scooter Gabelli Grido. This aggressive style scooter has a sporty look and is fit with LED lighting for optimal view in darker times of day. When in stock our motorcycles can be yours today!


Give your future or current scooter the best maintenance with engine lubricants that are tailored for Gabelli scooters. Discover Putoline Oils range with engine lubricants: Ester Tech 10W40, Ester Tech 15W50, Formula V-TWIN 20W50, TM Sport 4 10W40, TM Sport 4, 15W50, Super DX4 10W40, Super DX4 20W50, S4 10W40, SX 4T + 5000 20W50, TT Sport Classic Scooter, TT Scooter Scented, TT Sport, Classic Scooter, TT Light Scented, S2 and Special Scooter Gear 75W90.

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