About Mobycross

Mobycross is a family business specialised in development and distribution of motorcycles, scooters and tricycles in Morocco, located in Casablanca. The founders and owners come from a family which have one of the longest history in the sales and maintenance of motorcycles in Morocco. As small kids they spent their days in the workshops of close relatives with motorcycles. Their first jobs, and later many jobs, were all about motorcycles. Packed with a lot of experience, knowhow and fresh idea’s, in 2011 the founders decided to start Mobycross.

Now among marketleading distributors of  motorcycles in Morocco

Mobycross is a very successful company since it’s start. It quickly conquered it’s place in the market and became known for quality, innovation and good service. Mobycross now belongs to the marketleading distributors of motorcycles of Morocco. Today Mobycross owns 4 self designed high quality brands: TZX©, FICE©, GITAN©, GABELLI© and PUTOLINE OILS©. The success of Mobycross is based on customers satisfaction and reliability of our products.

Our key fundaments

Quality and innovation are the key fundaments to which Mobycross owns it’s success in the market. We believe that driving a motorcycle can only be enjoyed when it is reliable and never “lets you down”. Our desire for improvements and quality motivated us to design and develop our own motorcycles. This resulted in our 4 successful brands TZX©, FICE©, GITAN©, GABELLI©. These brands have the market proven to be robust and reliable. Each component from these motorcycles is selected by our designers with one thing in mind: quality. From the smallest screws, until the bigger components as frame, brakes, engine etc. Go to your local dealer and have a look and judge for yourself.

Exclusive distributor for SANYA© and Putoline Oils©

Since 2015 we are exclusive distributor for SANYA© in Morocco. In SANYA© we found the right partner sharing the same vision about quality and innovation. SANYA© has an international reputation for quality and reliability. SANYA© introduction is very successful with a very high customer satisfaction. Since 2016 we are exclusive distributor for PUTOLINE OILS© in Morocco. PUTOLINE OILS© is an international company, specialized in producing high quality lubricants for motorcycles for more than 45 years. Their own high-tech producing facility in the Netherlands
guarantees lubricants produced with the highest international standards. The quality of the lubricants is most essential for the quality of engines. PUTOLINE OILS© has high quality lubricants as required for our engines.

Independently approved

Since 2015, all our motorcycles are independently approved by two world wide known laboratories: RDW (The Netherlands) and VCA (United Kingdom). This certification means that our motorcycles meet European standards. All our motorcycles are homologated by the Moroccan Ministry of Equipement, Transport and Logistics.

We care about our customers

For Mobycross “Delivery on time” to customers is of main importance. This is the reason why we have our own transportation fleet, consisting of trucks and van’s. All products are personally delivered to our customers. Mobycross is able to supply customers with real time information about the status of their order, from warehouse until delivery.


Our team consists of young passioned people, all professionals with a long experience in their working field. Our team has the knowhow to answer all your questions about motorcycles. We are very motivated and have a strong belief in our products and we are looking forward to be of service to you. Feel free to contact us with your questions. Mobycross is the right address for your high quality motorcycle with the latest innovations.



N° 98, Boulevard Chefchaouni,  Km 11.500,  Ain Sbaa,  Casablanca,  Morocco

Tel: 00 212 5 22 60 33 25

Mobile: 00 212 6 62 18 84 81

Fax: 00 212 5 22 63 87 66

E-mail: info@mobycross.ma